Detour Shanghai

The Notebook exhibition on display at the Bund18

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The Shanghai Detour exhibition opened the 20th of October 2010in the charming location of Bund18, in one of the most famous areas of Shanghai, just in front of the river and overlooking Pudong.

Introduced by a theatre curtain, the exhibition is contanined into two selfstanding island , creating a separate see-through area accessible from every side.
The exhibition video catalogue is projected on the island roof, visible also from above.

We designed the exhibition and all the communication materials, working closely the the Chinese costructors to produce and install the various items and have it delivered on time.

Curator: Raffaella Guidobono; PM: Consulo Romeo; Assistant: Janey Chang; Photos: Xujoe

Detour ShanghaiDetour ShanghaiDetour Shanghai
Detour Shanghai
Detour ShanghaiDetour ShanghaiDetour ShanghaiDetour Shanghai

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