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esterni is a cultural association with headquarters in Milan.

It organizes many events manily aiming to promote aggregation and reinterpretation of public spaces. among which “Milano Film Festival”, and “Public Design”, both more than 10 years old. 

esterni activities and projects are so many and so different each other that it became necessary to create a visual system to characterize all of them as "esterni" and to reflect the very characteristics of every single initiative at the same time.

The identity , redesigned in 2005, represents the meeting, the social interaction, the piazza, namely esterni’s fundamental values. A flexible system of identifying marks has been created to supply both constant formal elements and many different proposals without loosing identity.
In the past 12 years Zetalab has been giving shape to quite many different esterni projects and ideas.


Zetalab Srl
Via Tadino 29/A
20124 - Milano ITALY
tel +39 02 2953 3992
P.IVA 06915610965